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Range of Mounting Accesories

  • For a complete installation at S&P, we offer you an extensive catalogue of mounting accessories in which you will find all the necessary accessories for a proper installation of our ventilation systems.Among our mounting accessories you can find: couplings, flanges and fasteners, aerators, grilles, filters and filter boxes or ducts, reductions and shunts, among many other accessories.

    Consult our catalogue of assembly accessories and find all the necessary accessories for a correct installation:

  • In our catalogue of accessories you can find, among other complements:Protection guards, to prevent contact with fan propellers.

    Among our range of guards you can find solutions for all types of fans, being able to be installed on both the discharge side and the suction side of the fan.

    Back draft shutters, prevent air entry when fans are not running.

    Our range of back draft shutters allow two working positions, horizontal or vertical flow.

    Louvre back draft shutters, to open or close the air flow in a room.

    Among the blinds we offer are pressure shutters built in thermoplastic material, blinds made of steel plate and aluminium slats, stabilized against UV radiation, ideal for agricultural installations due to the resistance against abrasive flows.

    Supports, connectors, clamps and anti-vibration mounts.

    Among the different solutions we put at your disposal you will find flanges, adhesive tapes, putty or sealing joints with which you can connect any type of fans.

    Anti-vibration mounts.

    S&P anti-vibration mounts allow you to absorb vibrations and attenuate the sound level of the installation. Among our wide range of anti-vibration mounts you can find: spring dampers, fixing feet or anti-vibration rubber mounts.

    Sound attenuators, guaranteeing the silence in your installations

    The sound attenuators will allow you to reduce the noise transmitted by the fans, among our different sound attenuators you will be able to find sound attenuators of different types and materials so that you can adapt them to each one of your installations.

    Air vents, assured renovation of the air in the house

    S&P air vents will allow you to renew the air in the house through the main rooms (room, living room, bedrooms). Among the different types of air vents you will find: acoustic air vents, with frame and silencer, both self-regulating and humidity sensitive.

    Self-adjusting valves, flow regulation according to the needs of each moment

    The exhaust valves allow to extract foul air from the dwelling in MEV (mechanical Extract Ventilation) single or double flow installations. These outlets extract air from kitchens, bathrooms or other rooms that need flow regulation.

    Exhaust and/or supply valves, for residential and commercial premises

    Extraction and/or supply valves are used in single or double flow Mechanical Extract Ventilation Systems (MEV) or air conditioning applications.

    Ducting, reduction elements and duct joining pieces

    At S&P we offer you ducts with good thermal and acoustic insulation and our reductions and diversions will allow you to complete our installation without any problem.

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Range of Electrical Accessories

  • At S&P we have a wide range of electrical accessories so that you can complement the installation of your ventilation system, providing it with the necessary elements to optimize the consumption of fans and adapt them to the ventilation needs of each moment.In our catalogue of electrical accessories for ventilation systems you can find, among others: speed controllers, frequency converters, control systems for the ventilation of car parks or switches and pressure switches.


    Get to know the different products in our catalogue of electrical accessories and find all the necessary accessories for your ventilation systems:

  • In our catalogue of electrical accessories you can find, among other accessories:Speed controllers, to regulate the voltage depending on the installation. Among our speed controllers you can find products with different supply and output voltages so that you can adapt them to any installation. 

    Switches and pressure switches, in our catalogue you can find switches to incorporate different types of motors and ventilation systems, as well as pressure switches to check the state of the filters or check air circulation through the ducts.


    Transformers, timers, hygrostats, thermostats and quality sensors, these electrical accessories allow greater control of the use of the ventilation system.


    Electrical accessories for heating batteries, these accessories allow the room temperature to be maintained according to the temperature selected by the user, depending on the model, the batteries can include main probe and maximum-minimum probe.


    Motor-driven valves, electric accessories for water batteries in forged brass and nickel plated housing


    Intelligent elements for controlled ventilation demand, the elements of this category allow to control the ventilation flow rates according to the ventilation needs of each moment.


    Parking ventilation control systems, these systems allow controlling exhaust, impulse and impulse fans for ventilation modes of high and low pollution (comfort mode) and smoke extraction in case of emergency.

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Wall mounted axial flow fans with galvanised steel sheet structure, outlet louvre shutter with mechanical opening, inlet guard from galvanised steel and belt driven impeller from aluminium sheet plate powered by single phase (HIB).IP55, Class F.

Electrical supplies:
Single phase 230V-50/60Hz.

On requestThe units can be supplied without automatic louvre shutter an replaced with a steel mesh guard on the discharge (Type-N).
Brand S&P model HIB-8

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Range of low profile in-line mixed flow duct fans manufactured in tough reinforced plastic (from 160 to 800 models) or with metal casing steel finished in a tough epoxy-polyester paint coating (from 1000 to 6000 models).
The unique design of the support bracket allows the motor and impeller assembly to be fitted or removed without dismantling the adjacent ducting.

Models 160-2000:
Class B, with ball bearings and safety thermal overload protection. IP44.
Direct 2 or 3 speed connection and also suitable for voltage speed control.
Electrical supply:
Single phase 230V-50Hz. (models from 160 to 350)
Single phase 230V-50/60Hz. (models from 500 to 2000)

Models 4000 and 6000:
Class F, with ball bearings and safety thermal overload protection. IP54.
Suitable for voltage speed control.
Electrical supply:
Single phase 230V-50/60Hz.
Three phase 400V-50/60Hz (model 4000) or 400V-50Hz (model 6000)

Additional information
Three phase models adjustable by inverter control.

TD-MIXVENT versions fitted with a run-on-timer adjustable within 1 and 30 minutes and 1 or 3 speed motor (depending on the model) not suitable for speed control.

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Range of centrifugal roof mounted fans in horizontal discharge format, designed for smoke extraction in fire conditions and certified F400-120 (CE marked) (1).
All models are suitable for air stream temperature up to 120ÂșC.
Bases are manufactured from galvanised sheet steel and cowls are manufactured from spun aluminium.
All models incorporate bird-proof guard.
Available, depending upon the model, with single or three phase motors in 4, 6, 8, 4/8 or 6/12 poles.
(1) Except 140, 180 and 200 models.

All motors are IP55, class F and equipped with ball bearings greased for life.
Electrical supply:Single phase 230V-50Hz.
Three phase 400V-50Hz.
(See characteristics chart).Speed controllable by voltage, up to the 400 model. Three phase motors are controllable by frequency inverter. When is using a speed controller, the electrical installation must be equipped with a security system which allows the maximum speed of the fans in case of fire.

Additional information
140, 180, 200 and 225 models are specially recommended for extracting smoke from the fireplaces.

Only F400-120 at maximum fan speed.

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Range of in-line duct centrifugal fans, manufactured from high grade corrosion resistant pressed galvanised steel and supplied as standard with a prewired wiring junction box and a robust mounting foot. All model include an enclosed type, single-phase external rotor motor with factory matched backward curved nonstalling impeller.
(1) Models 355 and 400 are manufactured in sheet steel protected against corrosion by cataforesis primer and black polyester paint finish.

100N – 250N models: Motors are IP44, class B insulation with ball bearings and safety thermal overload protection.
315N model: motor is IP44, class F insulation with ball bearings ans safety thermal overload protection.
355N and 400N models: Motors are IP54, class F, with ball bearings and safety thermal overload protection.
Electrical supply:
Single phase 230V-50/60Hz.
Three phase 230/400V-50Hz
(models 355N-T and 400N-T).
(See characteristics chart).
All single-phase models are speed controllable by tension.
The three-phase models are speed controllable by frequency inverter

Additional Information
Impellers from 100 to 250 models are manufactured from injection moulded plastic

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