CYCLONE 100D Serie (6-15kVA) Properties

CYCLONE 100D Serie DSP + IGBT Rectifier Delta Cyclone 

CL-100D Uninterruptible Power Supplies are single phase transformerless with IGBT rectifier advanced technology designed UPS.
• Rack and tower case options
• Power factor corrected input
• REPO input (NO or NC programmable)
• Static bypass system, VAT transfer system
• Output voltage regulation, low output THD
• Optional battery temperature compansation
• Online technology, advanced self diagnostics
• Battery options for longer battery backup time
• Fully digital DSP controlled system, PID control
• User selectable easy voltage, frequency and setting
• Cold start from batteries, Rack an Tower case options
• 128 log event records (5000 alarms) with date and time
• LCD alphanumeric display, mimic lamps, 5 control buttons
• Output short circuit protection (isolated from bypass input)
• Output overhead protection, 150% overload capacitiy
• Automatic battery test, Front panel lamp test system
• Deep battery discharge protection, Boost charge
• Battery capacity and battery remaining time indicator
• Maintenance bypass switch, Cabinet inside temperature sensor
• RS232 communication interface, management software, SNMP, MODBUS
• Dry contact outputs (NO or NC programmable) 3 relays standart 2 option
• IPM power module, Output current limit, Operation mode selection (Online or Offline)

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