10-80kVA Properties

DELTA 300 Hi series UPS, PWM controlled, IGBT technology, microcontroller controlled, sinusoidal waveform, ONLINE Double Conversion topology and parallel configurable devices. Advanced communication system supports many communication protocols and brings remote control advantage of the UPS.


  • Online Double Conversion technology
  • Rack and tower case options
  • Power factor corrected input
  • REPO input (NO or NC programmable)
  • Static bypass system, VAT transfer system
  • Output voltage regulation, low output THD
  • Optional battery temperature compansation
  • Online technology, advanced self diagnostics
  • Battery options for longer battery backup time
  • Fully digital DSP controlled system, PID control
  • User selectable easy voltage, frequency and setting
  • Cold start from batteries, Rack an Tower case options
  • 128 log event records (5000 alarms) with date and time
  • LCD alphanumeric display, mimic lamps, 5 control buttons
  • Output short circuit protection (isolated from bypass input)
  • Output overhead protection, 150% overload capacitiy
  • Automatic battery test, Front panel lamp test system
  • Deep battery discharge protection, Boost charge
  • Battery capacity and battery remaining time indicator
  • Maintenance bypass switch, Cabinet inside temperature sensor
  • RS232 communication interface, management software, SNMP, MODBUS
  • Dry contact outputs (NO or NC programmable) 3 relays standart 2 option
  • IPM power module, Output current limit, Operation mode selection (Online or Offline)

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