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MPK Series mini-rail spring terminals offer many advantages to the user with its compact structure. It is designed as minimized version of OPK Terminals. Mini Push-in Terminals, having similar features with OPK Series, enable mounting single-core cables and cables with ferrule by only pushing them forward without need for using any other tool.
MPK Series Terminals both can be mounted to 15 x 5.5 mm mini rail with different end-plate alternatives and screwed on a flat surface and they can also be fixed on two holes to a flat surface with dowels through nails on the end-plate. The contact structure of Mini Push-in Terminals is copper covered with tin. The spring applying pressure to the cable is made of stainless steel and is
highly an alloy of Chrome (Cr) and Nickel (Ni). It is resistant against atmospheric conditions, water, acids and high-temperature environments. It is never oxidized. Mounted cables can be easily removed through orange buttons on the springs. Compact structure of mini Push-in Terminals enables use in confined spaces junction boxes. Insulated outer plastic part of the product has Exproof (Ex) feature which enables use in environments where explosives and gases are used. MPK Series terminals have a wide variety of color options, e.g. neutral terminals are blue and grounding terminals are yellow & green.
The most significant feature of these products is that it is designed in required numbers and in modules of 2, 3, 4 or more, as per demand. As all holes are short-circuits to each other thanks to this feature, there is no need to make exterior bridging connection or bypass with cable. Upon demand, we can make customized combinations in our plant. These modules are widely used for neutral distribution and grounding works. Marking on MPK Series terminals can be performed by using standard dekafixes widely used in market. As the product is spring-pressed, it can be easily used in vibrated environments. Screw loosening problems, which are sometimes suffered in screw terminals are never seen in these products.

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